How to take care of a crocheted rug made of t shirt yarn / knit yarn

If you have one of those trendy crocheted rugs or If you ever wanted to crochet one, You might know that those rugs are easily getting dust.

The good news are that those rugs can be easily cleaned.
It’s important to know what are the materials of the rug made of before you wash it.

For example: a t shirt yarn fabric with a small to medium stretch is a common material used in crocheted knit rugs, and they usually made of 95 percent of cotton and 5 percent of lycra.
Those materials are just the same as your t shirts. And they are washable in your washing machine, they can also shrink sometimes and they can also transfer colors to other fabrics as well.

The difference is if you know that the carpet is made of high quality yarn this will not happen.
It is your choice to put the rug on a washing machine or wash by hands.


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