Working with t shirt yarn or knit yarn – Why is this a hit?

Not only enthusiastic buyers of t shirt yarn mats are also very satisfied with their creators.
Despite Everything has both advantages and disadvantages, in this case – can enjoy of the drawbacks.

Knitted with t shirt yarn is a real treat. The thickness of the yarn allows for a faster crocheting work along with their very nice touch. During the work also comes the stage of the table and the sofa are not enough to crochet them and just move to reside on the floor or on a pouf / footrest to knit. Not ideal for every one.

For those who like to use public transport and enjoys pull out knitting needles and use the time – not recommended for work with t shirt yarn on the ways. The reasons are the large volume of the yarn and their gravity. Carpet, for example, can weigh as much as four pounds. Would rather take a baby in my hand than to hang out with such a carpet bag.


Women do not need excuses to meet. Still, if someone needs an excuse, please: knitting together is particularly fun. Great to meet once a week with a group of women knitting together and having intimate conversations. The husband can handle one night a week with the little ones who stay at home.

If someone feels that now it’s time for her to knit – Share your photos.


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