The yarn that I use!


I buy those cut fabric rolls of yarns and I love their softness and their beautiful diverse of colors.

The availability of finding the same color again is sometimes rare.

The rolls are cut from fabric remains by machine or by hand sawing machine and they are sold by their weight.



It takes about 5 kg (11 pounds) to crochet a 47″ (1.20m) diameter rug. So If I intend to crochet a certain length of a rug It is usually recommended to buy a larger amount then the usual amount, In case the yarn will be finished sooner than expected, especially when the bigger the rug is – the bigger the rows that you have to crochet so as the amount of yarn that is needed as well.

Finally, when the rug is finished you can use the leftovers if you have any for other projects. You can make plenty of projects: baskets, fabric flowers with the rolled knit yarn and more.

The basic colors are usually available. sometimes you can find a variety of grays or blues.

But in conclusion, this is fun and addictive project.


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